Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Are Saviour INTERVIEW

We Are Saviour Interview with Straight Line Industries - June 17, 2011

Q: So, after nearly eight months, you're finally coming back with a new album.
Nicholas: Yes, it really has been a long time but I think that we've been working on this album since last Fall, and I think we're proud of all the songs and that we feel accomplished and we're happy with the album.
Hannah: I think the reason that eight months feels like such a long time is because - well, music artists in the electric, techno genre usually come out with albums so quickly, and it just feels like it's been a long time.

Q: Why were you on hiatus for so long?
Charlie: I don't think that it should be called a 'hiatus' because for all this time, we have been working so hard on this album, we never really took any breaks.

Q: I'm just gonna come right out and say it, Charlie - why have you taken so many leaves from the band?
Charlie: I knew that question was going to come up. There's been so much going on with my life, lately - and with a new album and all of the personal stuff, it was just getting too hard to juggle. I ended up having to leave the band in late December, and I didn't come back until February. Then, I was back for maybe - 2 weeks, before I left again in March, and I just came back about 3 weeks ago. There's been a lot going on.

Q: So, you changed the name and release date of the album so many times - why?
Hannah: Well, the new album was originally supposed to be an E.P. with five songs, but we finished the E.P. and we felt like, by the time the album were to be released, it would be time for another album sense a lot of post production went into this album - so we decided to just go ahead and make it a full album. Then, Sunset in Honolulu called, which are a group of music producers that remix songs, and they had worked with us on a song for 13THIRTY, and when they called they told us that they wanted us to come back into the studio so we could make remixes from Strobe, and we went in to the studio and we made a remix or 2, and then we decided that we wanted to make an actual album, and Sunset in Honolulu helped us out with the new album, and that's why it took so long.

Q: Who is Sunset in Honolulu?
Nicholas: Well, Sunset in Honolulu are record producers, they helped us with a remix from 13THIRTY and we had so much fun working with them. They're really nice and they're so talented, and they really don't get the recognition that they diserve. With the new album, they produced most of the songs on it and they did a fabulous job - I think that our band really just works with their style. They understand our genre, they understand what we do - they understand everything, and they're just really great.

Q: When is the new album currently scheduled to be released?
Charlie: It's currently scheduled for release sometime in July 2011. Sunset in Honolulu are currently putting the last, final touches on the album and you should be hearing something about the first single within the next few weeks. The album is called The Reason Why and is unlike anything we've ever done before. We're very proud of it and we're very excited for it.